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A new believer at Taco Del Mar

I had finished my day at Dakota Zoo where I work in the Education Department. I go by Mr. Kringle and wear a regulation Zoo green polo shirt and green cargo pants. However, I do wear red suspenders and I do look like I look.

I stopped at one of my favorite places, Taco Del Mar, to get a quick supper. In the line ahead of me was a young boy, about 5, with his mother. He gives me a look and talks to his mother and she says to me "He thinks you look like Santa Claus." The boy says "But I know you are not the real Santa Claus." I replied "Do you think the real Santa Claus could pull a coin out of your ear?" (As I steathily reached into my pocket to get a "Caught Being Good" coin that I typically carry.) As I walked over to them I asked if it would be OK if I looked in his ear. Mom and the boy said OK, and of course, after I little looking and wiggling out came the coin! The boy was pretty suprised and I said he must be a very good boy, which his mom confirmed. As I was still eating, the boy and his mom headed for the door and then the boy turned back and came over to me and said "Thank you Santa!" The big smile on my face was matched by the boy's and his mom's!


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