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Disney Christmas Magic

Mrs. Claus and I were at Downtown Disney World sharing a delicious sundae at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop. (I wasn’t wearing any red.) We were sitting at a table for 2 on the outside patio next to the shop windows. Through the window, sitting inside the shop, was a mom and 3 girls the youngest appeared to be 6-7 years old. I noticed mom gesturing to me and pointing to the girl. I wave and smile and the mom and little girl do the same. I love to reward such Santa supporters, so I took out one of my “Santa Caught Me Being Good” cards and held it up to the window for mom to see and I pointed at the girl. Mom gave a positive indication and I went into the shop to deliver the card to the little girl. She was quite surprised, but happy and mom encouraged her to give Santa a hug and had us pose for a picture… FUN! My leaving is usually the end of the encounter, but I have ice cream to eat and so did they, so as we finished our treat, the girl continued to peak through the window and smile and wave. All of a sudden, the little girl and her big sister come out to our table. She said she had something for me and gave me a wonderful Mickey Mouse lollipop! I thanked her and complimented her on her generosity. I had noticed through the window mom had an envelope with the name “Abby” on it. So when I asked the girl her name, and she started to say “AAAA” I said “Abby”! Then I told her I had something for her too. I dug into my backpack and offered her a choice of a Bendy Santa or Reindeer…she picked the Santa. Abby is living proof that the Magic of Christmas lives in the hearts of children all year!

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