I was NOT expecting that answer.

A girl about 7 or 8 years old came on the set to visit Santa today. I asked what she wanted for Christmas and she replied "an iPad". This is pretty common for these "older" children. I asked her what she would do with an iPad, expecting her to say play games or watch movies. She said, "My mom and dad are divorced and then I could use FaceTime to talk to them."

Paying it forward...

A very touching moment on the Santa set today. A family comes in with 2 preschool girls for pictures. The one girl appears to be going through cancer treatment...she has lost her hair and is wearing a hospital face mask. We pose for the picture and mom briefly pulls down the face mask to reveal a beautiful smile. Then the rest of the story: Our set cashier told us later that the dad from the family next in line had "snuck" ahead of the family with the little girl and had "paid it forward". So when the family with the little girl went to pay they found out it had already been paid by "anonymous". There are some wonderful people in this town!

If only in my dreams...

If only in my dreams… In 1943, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” became one of America's most popular Christmas songs. The idea of being home for Christmas originated in World War I when soldiers at first thought that the war would be quick and they would return by Christmastime. This inevitably did not happen, hence the line "if only in my dreams". (wikipedia) I’ve heard several stories about people probably not being “home for Christmas” this year. Several older children have said that all they want for Christmas is for their family to be together. The large Air Force base near town brings in many stories of folks who have just moved here and they won’t be heading home for Christmas. The oil

3 requests

Lots of nice folks and children! Skylanders, remote control helicopters, and Ninja Turtles are frequent requests from boys. But some of the more interesting requests have come from the girls. "A lizard" , "a knife" and "a foot massager are some that stand out. The lizard is self explanatory. The knife was requested from a girl dressed in pink striped John Deere bib overalls...her mom explained she wanted a pocket knife like her brother's for when they go fishing and camping. The foot massager was requested by 3 sisters...."We'll share!" they explained.

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